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Durable Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl is reliable, durable, waterproof, and budget-friendly flooring that is offered in both tile and plank, coming in a variety of wood-look, stone-look, and decorative designs.

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What Is Durable Vinyl Flooring?


Open the latest design magazine or watch any of today's home renovation reality shows and you'll see luxury vinyl flooring in all its glory! This reliable, durable, and budget-friendly material is often part of a jaw-dropping reveal that leaves surprised homeowners speechless. It's a stunning choice for them, but will vinyl flooring suit your home's unique needs? 


The answer most likely is yes! Luxury vinyl flooring is offered in both tiles and planks and comes in a variety of wood-look, stone-look, and decorative designs. The vinyl itself contains several layers, each one engineered with specific qualities. For example, the thickest layer is a dense, rigid core that directly influences durability and serves as the main defense against your kid's messy spills. A protective wear layer also helps keep moisture at bay, plus it resists most scuffs and scratches. Since vinyl flooring is waterproof and incredibly durable, you can easily choose to have vinyl installed as one continuous floor throughout your entire home.




As you shop for vinyl flooring, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of designs available. Do you want durable vinyl wood-look planks that mimic golden oak or maybe a subtle, warm-hued gray ash? If a natural stone aesthetic is more your speed, maybe you'd prefer an authentic-looking polished marble, a speckled terrazzo, or even a cool concrete. Of course, you can also have your pick from a range of solid colors and decorative patterns to perfectly accent your favorite spaces. 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Durable Vinyl Flooring


As you really consider all the flooring options in front of you at the showroom, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each can help surface your top contenders. Which factors are most important for your specific lifestyle? What cons can you compromise on? 


When it comes to pros, durable vinyl flooring has several: 


On the cons side, keep in mind that vinyl flooring: 


How to Maintain Durable Vinyl Flooring


When you sign on the dotted line for durable vinyl flooring, you'll be glad to hear that you're signing up for only a modest amount of maintenance. Whether you go with vinyl planks or tiles, you'll want to start a cleaning regime from the get-go. Weekly sweeping or vacuuming will remove any accumulated dirt, pet hair, and other debris, and a damp mop from time to time can give you a deeper clean. Before you get started, though, check out the manufacturer's care instructions so you don’t put your new vinyl floors out of warranty! 


Installation and Lifespan


When it comes time to install your shiny new vinyl floors, you may be tempted to put in the work yourself. Though you may be a wiz at DIY projects, we strongly discourage doing this project alone. Vinyl plank flooring durability is dependent on proper installation from start to finish. Plus, there's no room for error if you want that protective warranty to truly last. A pro installer will already have the right tools for the job, plus the know-how and experience to get that beautiful, durable vinyl flooring under your feet in no time!


A quality installation also sets your floors up for the longest life possible, but there are a few other variables that play into its longevity: 


FAQs About Durable Vinyl Flooring